Dunedorate desire of meeting and reception Nicolanna and George "young people to move with the times" as we have been nicely defined by our guests.
Travel lovers, the discovery of new cultures, nature, 'as well as of our Sicilian adventure, we decided to open our home to share with you our interests, our passions and you discover a little corner of Sicily rich history, culture, traditions gastronomic very interesting.
Dunedorate born of the desire to be able to raise our guests to respect the concept of 'environment, trying to create a structure that can easily be livable and comfortable but it was embodied in the sense of eco-compatibility.
We therefore decided to renovate our home using alternative and innovative solutions that will enable us to reduce energy consumption (solar thermal, energy saving lamps, heat pumps, inverter, electrical appliances class A +, etc..), Using also environmentally friendly materials - compatible (organic lime, paint, water, etc..), achieving the assessment as an index of overall energy 'building.